Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peepli Live - THREE and 1/2 stars

A movie that can make you laugh, think and also kick you in the gut - all at once!

Director Anusha Rizvi takes a serious issue like farmer suicide and presents to us a thoughtfully crafted mirth package. The film is filled with unfamiliar faces who add realness to a painfully real storyline. Except for Raghubir Yadav, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Naseeruddin Shah all the other actors are relatively new. One wonders how Anusha has extracted brilliant performances from the entire cast, I for one often forgot that they were acting out roles.

Don’t let the unnecessarily slow beginning put you off, just be a little patient and the screenplay will be running at top speed, taking you along with it

The characters are so beautifully detailed that I was reminded of some of the Hindi Premchand stories one read, in school. This film is well written and excellently executed. Music by Indian Ocean and others is relevant and kept to the minimum. The woman characters dazzle with their appropriateness and genuineness

If there was a mini Oscar for originality in treatment of serious topics with a touch of mirth, this movie will win hands down!

The best part about Peepli Live is that it never gets preachy. It just places circumstances in a satirical format and succeeds in touching the viewer far more than a serious book, documentary, or article on the same theme would have done – to an audience anywhere in the world

It was sad but not very surprising to see very few people in the cinema hall. But the ones that did come out to see this movie, would have gone back with some perspective built, albeit without their own knowledge :)

Definitely a MUST WATCH film!

ps: don’t miss the potshot taken at Monsanto, with a similar sounding name – no, I wont tell you the name here
pps: you will fall in love with an old bed ridden woman who plays the protagonist's mother. She will sway you with her spunk

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