Monday, October 12, 2009

Wake Up Sid - THREE stars

Another bullet pointed review because of lack of time ...
  • Young debutant director Ayan Mukerji has delivered a simple movie with unique style, one that captures the imagination of everyone who has experienced or seen the life of a teenager "up close and personal"
  • Looks like his days assisting Ashutosh Gawarikar [Swades] and Karan Johar [KANK] were not wasted, the movie is very well made for a first attempt. Ayan is definitely a good addition to the new band of directors in Bollywood
  • Ranbir Kapoor will floor you with his honest and subtle performance. You will be forgiven for assuming that he is an experienced actor who can say a million lines with just one look. He surely has the potential to be one of the best young actors in the country, just hope he chooses his roles carefully
  • Ranbir also looks good, once you get out of your mind the stark resemblance he bears to his parents. I remember suffering the same problem when trying to appreciate Saif Ali Khan's good looks
  • Konkona Sen has become such a consistently brilliant actress that one almost ignores her performance, and takes it for granted. She effortlessly breezes through the complicated [well written] feminine shades to the character she plays. But I must admit her roles and looks are getting a little predictable and monotonous
  • The movie is well balanced - everyday lingo used nicely, simple cinematography, nice story, supportive screenplay, non-intrusive music
  • Some of you might find it a bit slow, but according to me except for a couple scenes the movie is well edited and does not waste any time even though it is not fast paced
  • The fact that there are no unnecessary songs is a breath of fresh air in our songs clogged Bollywood universe, someone else in Ayan's place would have been tempted to add more songs given the various opportunities that arise
  • The movie has some hearty jokes, just don't miss them under the slightly irritating rattle n hum in Ranbir's voice [a sad reminder of his father]
  • Thankfully no attempt has been made to make Ranbir look like a hero, on the contrary he has loserly ways which are screen played cutely. Like in the scene where he begs Konkona not to throw him out
  • All supporting actors have done a decent job, including the actors who play Ranbir's pals and of course Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak who play his parents
  • Am unable to rate this nice movie higher than this because it could have been a very high impact far reaching movie if only Ayan had whacked all the opportunities he created for himself eg. the article that Konkona writes in the end could have been made lyrical and ironic to make it more strong & memorable
  • All said, WUS is a lovely movie, definitely worth watching once. Do go for it, strangely it will remind people from all walks of life of at least something that they have experienced or seen